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Candleplex360 - Looking for adventure?

{Easy, fast and for a good price!}

Hi! We are a group of programmer and designers who loves to discover new ideas making it into a reality.

{My latest projects}

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Let's be friends!

New born startups are always our favorite client. To be brutally honest, we feed off of their mega enthusiasm and creative ideas. We are more than happy to brainstorm with you to make your ideas better.

Don't get us wrong, we love big corporations too. We enjoy planning and making complex system for big firms. We are all friends here.

Top notch support

Since we have no departments, you can ask any one of our team for updates or support. Our team have the understanding of the whole project and not just the task they are assigned to.

Depending on how much we like you, we will consider going a few extra mile. Just remember, we are your buddies.

{What can I do for you?}

Programming skills in PHP
Coding skills in HTML/CSS
Programming skills in jQuery
Graphic designing